HUAYCAN (Project Helping Lima’s Children PE 89272) – continued to thrive.  In view of the faithfulness of the nationals, often in difficult circumstances, it was decided to give each a small monthly tip - the first financial reward they had received.  We spent 2001-2003 in temporary premises whilst the church was rebuilt.

The members made enormous sacrifices to rebuild, so when the money ran out after 18 months, we prayed God would provide.  This He did through individuals and our home church in England. . 

Finally at the beginning of 2004 we were able to move into the 2nd floor for the feeding and educational programme. Still without a water supply, (which is not likely to be installed in the area for some time), we rent from the nearby neighbour, who is at the last on the current supply.


He also constructed a toilet for the church’s exclusive use.This meant we could increase to 100+ children enrolled. We have taken a maximum of 2 children per family aged 5-11 for a nutritious meal twice a week, followed by a devotional and homework.

Each month we have held an obligatory parents’ meeting where Christian and educational teaching was given.



In 2003 we commenced a group for 12-16 year olds on Saturday evenings where over 50 are now enrolled.  They receive Christian teaching as well as recreational activities and supper.

Several are now attending the church services and asking about baptism.  This has also provided a good training ground for older young people.

Each year we have had an outing, special Christmas & Mothers’ day gifts and activities and provided a small grant of educational books and equipment for each family.  Every Wednesday we have had a Bible study meeting for parents.  This provides an opportunity to get to know families, as well as building up spiritual lives.  Averages of 12 mums attend.  We have also had a bi-annual bazaar, which the church members organised, goods being provided by expatriates we know.  The money raised went into Huaycan church funds. 

With the assistance of Miriam, a national, we have helped 4 children not receiving an education to enter the school system.

We have averaged 8 national helpers in the weekly feeding programme, along with other short-termers from Britain, Germany, Australia & America.  During 2004 much emphasis was placed on training the nationals to take responsibility, so during our absence from August to December they were able to successfully maintain the work.  It is envisaged they will continue to do this.

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